ArMHAzena (WMS) Supply Chain Management Tool


Bring your company to cloud computing using the MHA WMS

WMS Armhazena developed and maintained by MHA, is a TOTALLY WEB tool. After seventeen (17) years of market and numerous successful implementations, ArMHAzena has been operating in the 100% WEB version since 2006 using the cloud concept.


Voice Implementation within Stock is with MHA

Utilizing its voice module, Armhazena’s MHA inventory management product, it can add voice functionality to separation, resupply, dispatch and inventory activities, gaining productivity gains in operation and agility in process execution.


MHA Closes Cloud Distribution Agreement with Oracle

MHA Cloud Solutions for Applications (SaaS), Platform (PaaS), Data (DaaS)

The Apparel Logistics 4.0 within a WMS

Logistics 4.0 requires that a tool such as Armhazena be able to operate in a multidisciplinary and event-driven manner. Understand more with Armhazena is prepared for logistics 4.0 …

WMS Armhazena reaches the management of 476 Plants

Developed with architecture to manage several operations at the same time, WMS Armhazena is currently implemented in several segments of the logistics chain, and on average has the management of 4 to 5 distinct plants (Distribution Centers) within a single company.

Parameterizable and with architecture based on parameter settings, Armhazena manages different operations with different processes and rules within the same company, only dividing the plants and warehouses from the logistics operation.

MHA Launches Armhazena BOX Version on the Brazilian Market

Created with a focus on the international market aiming at small and medium-sized operations, MHA launched in 2013 to meet the countries of America, except for Brazil, the Box version of arMHAzena, and now in 2017, the Box version will also be offered in Brazil.

Logistics Solution for Supermarket

Armhazena stands out in the retail logistics management controlling from the inventory to the entire supply chain, bringing together the internal and external management of supply and replacement of stores in an automated way. Management for stock of Dry, Cold, Frozen, FLV, PBL, CrossDocking, Import Items, Collection, Delivery, Automatic Replacement Request, …


Largest Logistic Operators in Brazil use Armhazena

Armhazena excels in service operations for its flexibility in meeting the particularities of contracts within the same physical operation.

Projects with RFID using Armhazena

MHA develops and implements RFID projects for all vertical logistics.


Management of Hospital Items and Medications

With Armhazena your company can manage the entire inventory of hospital items, medicines, direct hospital resupply and replenishment of purchases, management of service and various collections, drug traceability to patient bed, sequencing traceability and randomization inserted in items controlled by cost center, research group, clinical study, …

Armhazena Implementation Grows in SaaS Mode in 2017

WMS Armhazena developed and maintained by MHA, is the first WMS system totally WEB Brazilian, being since 2006 the first and oldest tool in the version (web) operating in the cloud available in the Brazilian market.

MHA 17 years

Founded in the year 2000 with the purpose of commercializing the Armhazena system, developed and maintained by MHA Sistemas, MHA completes seventeen years (17) of existence.

Welcome to the MHA Sistemas website. MHA Sistemas is a company oriented to logistics projects.

Owner of a powerful supply chain management tool classified as WMS, MHA Sistemas is focused on logistics automation projects and solutions.

ArMHAzena WMS Cloud - SaaS

WMS ArMHAzena, developed and maintained by MHA, is the first fully WEB Brazilian system. Launched in 2006, it was the first (web) cloud system tool available in the Brazilian market. With ten years’ experience in cloud computing and robust technology, ArMHAzena has been deployed for over 5 years in the SaaS modality, providing cloud rental.

Armhazena WMS for Android

Once more, MHA Sistemas is one step ahead in the field of logistics technology. It has just launched the WMS Armhazena version for Android. All operations currently performed on a data collector that reads bar codes or RFID can now be performed on any Android cell phone.

A software company without borders

With major partnerships with multinational companies, MHA has designed, developed tools and conducted systems maintenance, in significant parts of South America and some countries in North America, through its Software Factory and Support Systems.

Plants served by ArMHAzena



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